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We are the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Student Chapter, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani or in short, BITS-ACM . The student chapter in BITS Pilani was established in 2008, but in eight years, we have grown into the largest student chapter in the world with over 800 Chapter Members and 50 Council members. Both groups consist of students from all subjects and of all years – freshmen to seniors.


What We Do.

At BITS-ACM we try to instill an interest amongst the members for various forms of software and hardware related skills via Special Interest Groups and lectures.


App Developement

This SIG aims at instilling interest for developing apps for platforms like iOS, Android, Windows as well as cross-platform app development. App developement involves designing UI libraries for apps and using them as well as developing backend APIs and data structures and implementing them.


Crypto and Net Security

The Cryptography SIG is a platform for sharing and brainstorming on content pertaining to Cryptology, Cryptanalysis, Number Theory with an aim to create a stronger understanding amongst the members and the general community in Network Security and Cryptography.


Web Development

Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. This SIG instills interest among the members for both front and back end web development



This SIG involves discussions on PIDs,devices like Arduiono and Raspberry Pi,understanding small micro-controllers. Also sharing of ideas and resources about embedded systems, circuits, simulators takes place to generate interest of the members.


Gfx Design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. At ACM, we have gfx designers for designing UI components for websites and apps, and posters for events



The Shell Scripting SIG underlines discussion, experimentation and engagement of the members on topics relating to Shell Scripting, with an aim to provide a deep and comprehensive understanding in Linux, thereby promoting further avenues for research and learning in Open Source Computing.


A small introduction to the events that we organize anf host round the year.


Symposium is the flagship event of the ACM Bits Pilani chapter. The event constitute a talk by acclaimed speakers who work at top positions in their respective fields. Great audience turnout is always seen as keen minds gather to gain invaluable knowledge from experts themselves. Rashmi Mohan, the secretary of the Indian ACM Council delivered a talk on data analytics, Bigdata in particular. It elaborated upon how data analysis can help reveal patterns and trends which can be applied in turn to increase the efficiency of any process. After the event,a Q&A session was held where the audience could clear personal questions.

Symposium (contd.)

Mohan Dhawan, a research staff member at IBM talked about Blockchains and its application which is an incorruptible system of data recording in form of blocks which are secured using cryptography. This system is the basics of functioning of Bitcoins which is a red-hot topic of discussion. Finally, Venkantraman Ramachandran, Buisness Dev. Manager at Cognizant explained about digital storytelling and its link to VR, a field which is expected to bloom in the near future and has encountered many advancements already.


A unique quizzing event in the form of a game with a fun backstory.Varied questions, testing the con testants wit and genius await. Prizes for the winners worth 4500.

Stock Market Simulation

SMS is an event hosted by ACM in which the contestants are provided with virtual currency with which they are required to use to buy stocks. It consists of multiple rounds, at the end of which a video is played ,showing changes in the economy. The contestants are required to analyse these changes and predict trends regarding the share’s worth. The winner is one with highest money after completion.


The classic Pictionary, revisited .One of the funniest event during APOGEE where one person tries his best to make the other guess the object by drawing, however messed up it maybe.

Deal With Distractions

A quizzing event with infuriating pop-up and games while solving to make the contestant pull his hair with exasperation. The test of the calmest.

The Team

Mihir Deshmukh


Back-end team

Divakar Verma


Front-end Team

Nischay Singh

Vice Chair & Webmaster, BITS-ACM

Back-end Team

Arka Talukdar

Secretary, BITS-ACM

Back-end Team

Abhishek Joshi

Treasurer & Webmaster, BITS-ACM

Back-end Team

Kshitij Khandelwal

Operations & Membership Chair, BITS-ACM

Linux Dev Team

Anmol Singhal

Apogee Cod., BITS-ACM

AppD and Crypto Team

Samip Jasani

Outreach Cod., BITS-ACM

Back-end Team

Naveen Venkat

Design Chair, BITS-ACM

Gfx Team

Shivankit Gaind

Projects & Publications Chair, BITS-ACM

Front-end Team

Shyamal Vadaria

Senior Core Team Member, Outreach, BITS-ACM

Crypto and ML Team

Amit Tiwary

Senior Core Team Member, BITS-ACM

Front-end Team

Poonam Mishra

Vice-chair , ACMW

Front-end Team

Saurabh Raje

Senior Core Team Member, BITS-ACM

Back-end Team

Rohan Saxena

Senior Core Team Member, BITS-ACM

ML Team

Partho Sarthi

Senior Core Team Member, BITS-ACM

Front-End team


Senior Core Team Member, BITS-ACM


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Our Achievers


    BITS-ACM has won the best ACM student chapter award consecutively for years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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    BITS-ACM is the winner of the Best Recruitment Model award for 2017.

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  • Hardik Malhotra

    Has interned at various foreign institutions like Centrale Supelec Metz - France, ICDA - Ireland, NUS Singapore and as a Financial Consultant at WorldQuaint. Placed at Amazon, India.

    Author image
    Hardik Malhotra Ex-Chair, BITS-ACM
  • Cheral Khandediya

    SIGCOMM Student Scholarship for Turing Conference in Silicon Valley. Interned at AT&T Bell Labs

    Author image
    Cheral Khandediya Ex-Sec, BITS-ACM
  • Poonam Mishra

    GSOC'17 with Systers, an Anita Borg Institute community, on Automated Unit Testing(MACC)

    Author image
    Poonam Mishra Active Member, BITS-ACM
  • Ameesha Mital

    Google Anita Borg Scholar. Interned at Fraunhofer SCAI, Germany, on Application Developement and Data Mining . Presently interning at Facebook, London.

    Author image
    Ameesha Mittal Joint Activities Cod., BITS-ACM
  • Partho Sarthi

    GSOC'17 with AOSSIE(Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education)

    Author image
    Partho Sarthi Active Member, BITS-ACM
  • Rohan Saxena

    GSOC'17 with Red Hen Labs. One of the 50 students selected globally to carry out research in Bentley University, Boston under Dr.Stephen Wolfram, Founder of Wolfram Research and creator of Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica.

    Author image
    Rohan Saxena Active Member, BITS-ACM
  • Mihir Deshmukh

    Internship at a Silicon Valley Startup

    Author image
    Mihir Deshmukh Chair, BITS-ACM
  • Divakar Verma

    Interning at University of Melbourne for building computational models of language processing.

    Author image
    Divakar Verma Chair, BITS-ACM