ACM Special Interest Groups

Representing virtually every major area of computing, ACM's Special Interest Groups offer unlimited opportunities for sharing technical expertise and first-hand knowledge of the latest development trends.

Competitive Coding

This SIG is a dedicated platform for those interested in competitive coding. Various tests, workshops, improvement sessions and doubt clearing sessions are held as a part of this programme.

Web development

Front-end and back-end web development SIGs serve as the perfect platform for the students who are interested in learning and enhancing their Web development skills. Various projects and lecture sessions are conducted as a part of this SIG.

Mobile Apps

Keeping up with the trend and importance of mobile application development, BITS-ACM Chapter decided to form the SIG for Mobile Application Development for Android and Windows. Lectures and workshops are conducted as a part of this programme.


This SIG conducts various workshops, problem and puzzle solving sessions and also informative guest lectures on cryptography.

Linux Shell Scripting

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Machine Learning

The Machine Learning SIG was started for the students as a platform for exploring and understanding Machine Learning. Various projects, doubt clearing sessions and lecture sessions are conducted as a part of this SIG.